Tennis Clash is a brand new multiplayer tennis game that challenges you to compete in a series of tournaments while building your own professional tennis player. You’ll compete against real players, just like in Golf Clash, and win loot boxes that you can open to get new gear. For more nifo about tennis court click here.

The swipe and tap-based control scheme is the true star of the show. There are no shoddy virtual controls here; instead, you can perform a range of swings with natural flicks, swipes, and taps. Much like in a real game, you’ll have to try to outsmart your opponent.We’ll go through the basics of Tennis Clash in this guide, including how it works, the buttons, and how to get new gear, as well as a few tips and tricks to help you get through the early hours.

Tennis Clash

How It Works: Tennis Clash is the golf equivalent to Golf Clash. You build your own tennis player and compete in a variety of tournaments, winning loot boxes along the way to unlock new equipment.You’ll probably have the most trouble with the keys, which are all swipe and tap-based. When the ball is moving towards you, you tap on the court where you want to pass and swipe to pull off a shot. You’ll have to bear in mind that the direction you swipe determines where the ball goes.

The harder you hit the ball, the faster you swipe, and the farther it goes, the faster you swipe. Tennis Clash’s challenge is to strike a balance between the two. If you want to hit a slow ball to the back of the court, make a long, slow swipe in the direction you want the ball to go. You must do the polar opposite if you want to reach it hard and close to the net. A quick, quick swipe toward the net.

As you can probably say, hitting hard shots in Tennis Clash is a lot more difficult because you have to be very careful not to overhit a shot. When swiping quickly, it’s very easy to do this. It might be worthwhile to place accurate shots away from your opponent early in the game to get a feel for the game and how your opponent prefers to play.

When you win a game, you’ll receive Trophies, which will boost your ranking on the tournament leaderboard, as well as a loot box, which you can open to obtain new gear. This loot box, like others in the genre, takes some time to open, so you’ll have to open it and wait. If you’ve collected four loot boxes, it’s time to stop playing because there’s nothing else you can do. To learn tennis strategy click here

A news and inbox screen, a shop where you can buy gems and packs, an option to play a match in any tournament you’ve unlocked, your roster, which allows you to customise your player with a variety of different gear, and tournaments, which you can play when you hit certain tournament thresholds.

Tips and Tricks for Tennis Clash:

Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals, let’s look at a few pointers to help you in the early stages of the game:

When playing against inexperienced players, playing close to the net is effective: We found that playing close to the net was very useful when we first started playing. Since inexperienced players have a hard time hitting powerful shots, you’re normally safe returning anything they throw at you.

As you progress through tournaments, observe how your opponents choose to play: This technique, however, will not pay off in the long run, so abandon it as soon as you finish the beginner’s tournament. That isn’t to suggest you can’t ever get close to the net; rather, you should try to read your opponent. Do they choose to make long, precise shots or slam the ball as hard as they can? Do they want to play in front of the net or in the back? Contrary to popular belief, you can try to outsmart them.

To confuse your opponent, try a variety of shots: If you can’t figure out how your enemy prefers to play, they’re probably a counter-attacker like you. Play a variety of different shots to confuse them in this case. To send them back, hit a hard ball and then play a shot close to the net. They might not see what’s about to happen. However, don’t use the same tactic again, as they’ll figure it out the next time.

Always have a loot box open: This is particularly important if you don’t intend to spend money on Tennis Clash because rewards would be scarce. Fill up your chest slots and keep a loot box open at all times. When you have an empty spot, keep playing until you win to fill it up. This way, the train of chests can keep coming even if you’re busy.

For extra prizes, try to reach the top of the trophy leaderboards: When you win trophies in a competition, you’ll ascend the leaderboards, winning rewards on a regular basis. Before moving on, we suggest sticking with a tournament once you’ve reached the top of the leaderboard, as this will provide you with more practise and rewards.