Madison Brengle is unrivaled when it comes to competing on the tennis court. Brengle grew up in Dover, Delaware, and now competes on tours all over the world. Her career highlights include:

  • A career-high ranking of No. 35.
  • A win against Serena Williams.
  • Prize money totaling more than $2 million.

So, how does Brengle deal with some of the same tennis problems you do? Check out some of her advice, which covers issues that both amateur and professional players encounter.

How can I… foresee the next shot?

“When I’m attempting to predict the next ball, I’m looking at the depth and tempo of my stroke, as well as their court position and mine. All of those things come into play.”

How can I… improve my serve?

“I make an effort to concentrate on what I can control, which is primarily my toss. My toss determines the level of aggression with which I can attack my serve. It allows me to hit a stronger serve once I’m comfortable with my toss.”

What can I do to improve my consistency from where I am now?

“When looking for depth, my coach emphasizes the importance of never missing wide. Unless it’s on the ball you’re aiming to finish the point on, missing wide is a mental error.”

How can I…play more confidently?

“Practice breeds confidence. When you’ve done a lot of repetitions in practice, shots that you might be nervous about in a match become a lot simpler to go for.”